Company Spotlight: Petaluma 

The dog food of tomorrow is made with plants. Petaluma creates sustainable dog food in a solar-powered facility. Here’s how they do it!

August 30, 2023


The dog food of tomorrow is made with plants. Founded by animal lovers that are passionate about food, sustainable dog food brand Petaluma is redefining what pet food can be.

It all starts with thoughtfully chosen, nutritious ingredients that are slow-roasted in a solar-powered oven. 

The result? Healthy, eco-friendly dog food.

Let’s talk about what they’re doing in the world of sustainability, from certifications to ingredients and beyond. 

Petaluma Brand Story

Petaluma was co-founded by animal lovers Garrett Wymore and Caroline Buck, parents to two rescue pups, Oscar & Leo.

Garrett worked in the pet health and nutrition industry leading projects for the world’s largest pet care company.

Because of this experience, he gained insight into the massive role that pet food plays in our agriculture system!

During a weekend getaway to a farm in Petaluma, California, they watched pup Leo play and coexist with goats, hens, roosters – inspiring them to go down the path of a plant-based diet.

This also inspired them to dive deeper into nutrition… challenging the idea that plants don’t have enough protein or nutrients. 

Could plant-based ingredients nourish dogs, while being better for our planet?

During 2 years of research and development, collaboration with veterinary nutritionists, and lots of testing – it became clear that it was possible. 

And so Petaluma was born.


Environmental Impact

American pets consume more meat every year than the combined 80 million people in California, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

Additionally most of that protein is coming from factory-farmed animals!

Did you know that 1 cup of dog food uses…

  • 3 pounds of greenhouse gas
  • 80 square feet of farmland
  • 47 gallons of freshwater

Petaluma instead uses a sustainable supply chain for 100% plant-based ingredients.

These plant-based alternatives require less land, less water, and less greenhouse gas emissions than their animal-based counterparts.

They also source from organic farms and avoid corn and soy, which are commonly grown in large, industrial “monocultures” with limited biodiversity. 

“Petaluma was born from a love of animals – both those that share our homes and those that share our planet.” Founders Garrett Wymore and Caroline Buck

Petaluma dog food on karma wallet


Petaluma’s plant based ingredients are slowly oven-baked in a solar-powered facility, one of the first in the USA.

Additionally this renewable energy system allows them to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions – and make truly tasty food for your pup.

Conventional dog food has a much different process… The meat is first dried and ground into powder before being steam-cooked at high pressure for around 60 seconds. 

It’s then artificially flavored to replace the natural flavors that were cooked out during the high pressure steaming. 

This process, and the ingredients, result in dog food that has a high glycemic index and low levels of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fats.

Petaluma’s process ensures that no flavor powders are needed, while maintaining a low glycemic index and lots of healthy fats your pup needs. 

“Petaluma addresses a critical problem in the pet food industry – delivering more premium nutrition with a smaller environmental impact” Dr. Deena Krestel-Rickert PH.D, Product Development Advisor

Partners & Certifications

  • 1% for the Planet: through 1% for the Planet, Petaluma commits to donating 1% of all revenue to non-profits fighting climate change and food insecurity. 
  • Certified B Corp: Petaluma joins a movement of companies (like Karma Wallet!) using business as a force for good. This certification means they meet high third-party standards for social and environmental performance. They’ve been recognized as a Best for the World B Corp 2022 – meaning their environmental score is in the top 5% of B Corps. Way to go, Petaluma!
  • Climate Neutral Certified: through Climate Neutral, Petaluma offsets 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions – and sets goals to reduce overall emissions as well. 

In addition to these awesome certifications, Petaluma also commits to no animal testing and no animal byproducts.

Petaluma dog food on karma wallet

Petaluma on Karma Wallet  

We’re proud to announce that Petaluma is a part of the Karma Collective – a network of brands offering conscious consumers like you rewards for shopping sustainably.

More details to come when we launch the Karma Wallet Debit Card (join the waitlist here!)

Explore their full Company Report Card on Karma Wallet!