Impact Insider: Microtrends

It’s the ultimate cost of staying on-trend at such a breakneck pace.

May 8, 2024


Welcome to the world of microtrends, where today’s hot dad sandals are tomorrow’s recycling bin fodder. These trends pop up like daisies—one day they’re everywhere, thanks to a buzz on TikTok, and the next day, they’re gone, leaving behind nothing but regret and wasted resources.

It’s no wonder then that microtrends and ultra-fast fashion are two peas in a problematic pod. Brands like Shein and Cider have this down to an art, churning out 700 to 1,000 new items daily in 2022 alone. But while your wallet might not feel the pinch, the planet certainly does, and let’s not forget the workers.

microtrends - karma wallet

It’s the ultimate cost of staying on-trend at such a breakneck pace.

microtrends - karma wallet
microtrends - karma wallet

These figures lay bare the stark reality of our fashion consumption: what starts as a trend on a screen can end up as part of a distressing cycle of overconsumption and waste, challenging us to rethink how and why we shop.

Discovery Buying

What is it & Why does it have us in a chokehold?

Marketers are transforming the shopping experience, moving us away from traditional need-based purchasing to an environment where ads find us unexpectedly. 

Our daily scrolls through social media often lead to influencers promoting the next ‘life-changing’ product, urging us to click a ‘link in bio’ for instant gratification. This shift to discovery shopping thrives on the thrill of the new, and pushes a ‘buy now, think later’ behavior. 

Our social shopping habits reached up to $1.298 Billion last year, how many of those do you think were thoughtful & intentional purchases?

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Hey Everyone,

In a world where ads and trends flood our screens, it’s easy to get swept up in the rush of buying what’s marketed to us, not necessarily what we need. But each of us has the power to break the cycle. By being mindful of our choices and questioning the necessity and impact of each purchase, we can fight against the mold of digital marketing and truly buy for ourselves.

How do you navigate the overwhelming wave of seasonal trends? Let’s share strategies and ideas. Hit ‘Comment’—I’d love to hear how you’re choosing to spend smarter and more sustainably.

P.S. Curious about the impact of your favorite brands? Check out our company sustainability ratings on our website and see how your choices stack up.

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