Company Spotlight: Beautyologie

June 13, 2024

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Beautyologie is an online beauty marketplace where you can find fair trade and ethically formulated products. They partner with brands that create clean, non-toxic, and organic products, making it easy for you to be an ethical beauty consumer.

So what makes Beautyologie stand out in the world of beauty? Let’s talk about their brand story, sustainability initiatives, and ethical beauty essentials.

Founder, Robin Doyle ran a beauty PR agency for 15 years, and knew she wanted to create something new in the beauty industry while making a difference for people around the world.

“Last year, I took a trip to India and witnessed first hand how the western world’s thirst for fast, cheap consumer goods directly affects disenfranchised community members.”

-Robin Doyle

She said this trip was an extraordinary wake up call and that while the beauty industry has taken great steps toward clean, sustainable, eco-friendly products, one aspect continues to be left out: the people behind the sourcing. 

That’s where Beautyologie comes in! This marketplace can help consumers learn more about the ingredients in their skincare products; what they can do for your skin, where the ingredients come from, and who sourced the ingredients, and if they were paid and treated fairly. 

“We do all this to empower you to use your purchasing power for good. And of course, feel beautiful.”

Image of Beautyologie founder behind a display of various beauty products

Beautyologie’s Sustainability

The brands on the Beautyologie site are fair trade, cruelty-free, sustainably-sourced. Each brand has transparent ingredient supply chain to ensure they are following fair trade practices. This means they are treating their producers fairly, not allowing child labor, promoting gender equality, and minimizing their mark on the planet. 

Beautyologie helps you shop with your values

Shopping conscious beauty can mean a lot of things. On Beautyologie, you can shop the values that mean the most to you. Whether you’re looking for vegan products, you want to support women-owned brands, or you’d like to focus on zero-waste products, you can sort accordingly on their site! 

Fair Trade 

These brands ensure workers’ rights are not compromised for the sake of profit. To be fair trade, a brand must pay its workers and suppliers fair wages, provide safe working conditions and never employ slave or child labor.


The brands in the “sustainable” category on Beautyologie focus on making a minimal environmental footprint when it comes to carbon emissions and waste.


Beautyologie makes it easy for consumers to support brands with woman owners and founders. Supporting these brands helps create a more equitable future. 


BIPOC-owned brands play a crucial role in promoting economic empowerment within marginalized communities. By choosing to shop from these brands, you actively support diversity and representation.


Veganism extends beyond food choices. By opting for vegan beauty products, you’ll support animal welfare and environmentally friendly production practices, while also positively impacting personal health and the planet.


Choosing organic products can minimize your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides. Opting for organic beauty also helps to grow the eco-friendly farming methods, to help encourage the future of the beauty industry to head in the right direction. 


B Corp brands have been certified by a 3rd party to ensure they meet high standards of transparency, accountability, and social and environmental performance.


Shopping zero-waste products helps to reduce the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills and oceans, while also helping to preserve natural resources.

Beautyologie & Karma Wallet

Hundreds of fair trade and ethically formulated products, all in one place. You can shop with your values and support brands who are transparent about their ingredients, supply chain, worker’s conditions and pay, and more! Explore their beauty products below! 

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