April 16, 2024

DoneGood: A Marketplace Powered by Karma Wallet

DoneGood is more than just another online marketplace; it's a movement towards a more sustainable and ethical future.
April 15, 2024

Karma Wallet Revolutionizes Sustainable Consumerism with Groundbreaking Acquisition of DoneGood

“This is a significant step forward in actualizing our vision of blending ethical practices with everyday financial choices. It symbolizes our dedication to a future where financial empowerment and sustainable living are one and the same.”
February 14, 2024

All About Card Linked Offers

Imagine a world where shoppers can effortlessly earn discounts and cashback rewards without the hassle of affiliate links or coupons. This is precisely what card linked offers (CLOs) bring to the table. 
February 13, 2024

What is a prepaid reloadable debit card?

We all want different things in a financial solution. So, the market has evolved to create a vast suite of options – so you can find the one that’s right for you. Among these innovative products stands the prepaid reloadable...
January 24, 2024

Impact Partner: Feeding America

The mission of Karma Wallet is simple: create positive change and empower our community to do the same. And our impact partner Feeding America helps us do just that. Through the Karma Wallet Card, we donate 1 meal to individuals...
January 22, 2024

How Karma Wallet and JUST Capital use data to help consumers align their spending with their values

JUST Capital's annual rankings offer clear, data-driven insights into how companies operate, empowering customers to make informed choices; a critical bridge between corporate actions and consumer preferences. 
January 9, 2024

2023 in Review

2023 was a huge year at Karma Wallet. Here's some of our biggest updates from 2023!
January 8, 2024

Karma Wallet Ignites Sustainable Finance Revolution with $2M+ Backing and Groundbreaking Card

Karma Wallet’s platform successfully merges fintech and sustainability, sparking a movement in conscious consumerism. Here's what to know!