DoneGood: A Marketplace Powered by Karma Wallet

DoneGood is more than just another online marketplace; it’s a movement towards a more sustainable and ethical future.

April 16, 2024


In April 2024, Karma Wallet acquired DoneGood: a sustainable marketplace with over 100 ethical brands and thousands of thoughtfully selected products. This strategic acquisition aims to empower our members, make sustainable shopping more affordable, and grow the larger Karma Wallet ecosystem to give you more tools to create impact.

Want to learn more about DoneGood? Let’s dive into their brand story, products, and how this marketplace fits into the mission of Karma Wallet. 

The Power of Purposeful Consumption with DoneGood

Every purchase we make today holds the potential to shape our planet’s future. And the concept of conscious consumerism has never been more critical. With growing concerns about climate change, social injustice, and environmental degradation, consumers like you are increasingly seeking ways to align their purchases with their values. 

This is where DoneGood steps in, offering a platform that empowers individuals to make a positive impact through their shopping choices.

DoneGood is more than just another online marketplace; it’s a movement towards a more sustainable and ethical future.

DoneGood Founder Cullen Schwarz and team back in 2019

Founded on the belief that every purchase is a chance to create positive change, DoneGood curates a diverse range of products from companies that prioritize people and the planet. From eco-friendly clothing to fair-trade home goods, DoneGood offers a wide selection of ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products, making it easier than ever for consumers to shop with purpose.

Shop with confidence. Each product featured on DoneGood undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure it meets the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. This means that when you shop on DoneGood, you can trust that your purchases are making a difference in the world.

The Bigger Picture

One of the key principles driving DoneGood’s mission is the idea that small actions can lead to big change. The dollars you spend can be a powerful tool for change.

Americans gave $327 billion to charity in 2022 – but spent over 40x that shopping.

By choosing to support ethical and sustainable brands, consumers have the power to drive demand for more responsible practices across industries. 

Whether it’s opting for organic cotton clothing or investing in products made from recycled materials, every purchase made through DoneGood sends a powerful message to businesses that sustainability and ethics matter.

But the impact of DoneGood extends far beyond individual purchasing decisions. By supporting ethical brands, consumers are also helping to create a more equitable and sustainable economy. 

DoneGood’s commitment to working with companies that pay fair wages, prioritize worker rights, and minimize their environmental footprint helps to promote a more just and sustainable model of economic development.

Ultimately, DoneGood represents a powerful vision of what the future of commerce could look like. By harnessing the power of technology to connect consumers with ethical brands, DoneGood is proving that business can be a force for good in the world. 

By the Numbers

  • $2 million diverted to companies actually making the world a better place
  • 100+ brands on the marketplace with thousands of ethical products
  • 100,000 shoppers who care
  • All orders ship carbon-free

*These numbers are as of early 2024. Stay tuned as they continue to grow!

DoneGood & Karma Wallet 

Long story short, DoneGood and Karma Wallet have a powerful collective mission: empower consumers to create positive change, while inspiring businesses to do better.

That’s why in April 2024, Karma Wallet acquired DoneGood – bringing their community into the Karma Wallet ecosystem. 

“The World Economic Forum says the social enterprise movement—the movement of companies with a social mission to improve lives and protect the planet—is now one of the largest movements of our time. And the movement is getting stronger by the day. We’ve always worked to support that movement, and we believe our alliance with Karma Wallet can grow the impact of our work exponentially.”

DoneGood Founder Cullen Schwarz

With this acquisition, you can still shop the DoneGood you know and love as usual – but we’ll be offering some new perks and rewards like the Karma Wallet Membership.

Karma Wallet Membership

The Karma Wallet Card* is a prepaid, reloadable debit card, that is offered alongside a Membership program. The DoneGood acquisition allows Karma Wallet to give members a comprehensive ecosystem for ethical spending, from brand ratings to cashback.

With the Membership, you’ll earn up to 10% cashback and free shipping on every DoneGood purchase – plus these other benefits: 

  • The Karma Wallet Card: a prepaid, reloadable debit card
  • Social and environmental ratings for 18,000+ companies
  • You buy gas with the Karma Wallet Card, we donate to reforestation
  • You dine out with the Karma Wallet Card, we donate to hunger alleviation
  • Up to 20% cashback** on thousands of merchants through the Karma Wallet app

Explore DoneGood

By choosing to support companies that share our values and beliefs, we can create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world for future generations. So why wait? Head to DoneGood and start shopping over 100 ethical brands – or sign up for the Karma Wallet Card to get even more rewards!