7 Ways to Spend Time Outside Sustainably this Summer

Enjoy this summer with these ways to spend time outside sustainably!

June 21, 2023


If you’re anything like us, you’re ready to soak up the sun and start experiencing all that nature has to offer! As we venture outdoors to reconnect with the earth, it’s important that we’re doing activities that not only bring us joy, but also prioritize the health of our planet. We’ve brainstormed a few different ways we like to spend time outside sustainably, from relaxed activities like hiking or reading outside, all the way to kayaking.

Not only will these activities leave you feeling refreshed and inspired, but they will also rekindle your love for the planet as well. So, here are 7 sustainable ways you can get outside this summer!

Go for a Hike

Hiking is one of the best and easiest ways to spend time outside sustainably and reflect on all that nature has to offer.

Whether it be a brisk walk in your neighborhood or an adventurous trek on a nearby nature trail, there truly are options for everyone! For longer hikes, make sure to bring a durable backpack for any essentials you might need along the way.

We like the Cotopaxi travel backpacks for holding all our extra gear and reusable water bottles. They’re iconic, colorful, and made from ethically sourced, recycled, repurposed, and responsible materials!

In the case of rough terrain, it’s crucial that your clothes work for you, not against you. For a low-maintenance, high-performing look, we recommend pairing Teva’s sandals and boots made from recycled materials with Burton’s stylish outerwear.

Both companies prioritize sustainable practices in the design of their products and have unique philanthropic commitments that give back to both people and the planet.

spend time outside sustainably with Karma Wallet

Read a Book Outside

It’s time to finish that book you’ve been trying to pick back up for months!

On those days that you don’t want to stray too far from home, we love reading outdoors. The warm breeze and nature sounds help with immersion into our reading as well.

For an extra calming effect, try reading in a hammock from KAMMOK. They carry everything you need to set up your hammock, virtually anywhere (even on your car!), and keep their social and environmental responsibility at the heart of their business.

spend time outside sustainably with Karma Wallet

Start Gardening

There’s no better way to ground yourself this summer than to start a garden! Not only is gardening extremely rewarding and a great way to get hands-on interactions with nature, but it’s also good for the environment.

Garden plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, cleaning the air around them as they grow!

When you’re ready to get your hands dirty, we recommend the sturdy gardening tools from Barebones Living to start you off!

Try a home garden

Hit Up Your Local Farmers Market

Not a huge outdoorsy person, but still want to support a good cause?

Hit up your local farmers market and start shopping from local, small businesses.

When you buy local produce, you cut out the emissions created by shipping crops across the country. Locally grown produce also contains fewer pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Our go-tos for these grocery trips are our comfy slip-on TOMS shoes and polarized sunglasses on sunnier days, plus a tote bag to eliminate our need for single-use plastic bags!

Go to the farmers market

Bike More Often

It’s no secret that traveling by bike is much more eco-friendly than traditional cars. When you can, instead of using cars, try biking to nearby errands. It will save you tons of money, and give you some time to take in the nature around you while you get in your exercise for the day!

spend time outside sustainably with Karma Wallet

Water Sports

For those of us living in hotter climates, spending time outdoors may seem daunting. But getting out near the open water and trying a new water sport is a great way to beat the heat!

From swimming to fishing to kayaking, the possibilities for refreshing fun are endless. Moosejaw is the place to shop if water-based activities are what you’re looking for, with swimwear, paddleboards, kayaking gear, and fishing supplies to last you well through the summer!

spend time outside sustainably with Karma Wallet

Go Camping Under the Stars

There’s nothing like spending a night under the stars in the great outdoors, getting up close and personal with nature. Not to mention, it’s a great excuse to cook up some delicious s’mores!

In fact, sleeping under the stars regulates our natural circadian rhythm, leading to better sleep.

So if you’re feeling restless or yearning for adventure, unplug and get off the grid for a while by setting up camp with NEMO for tents, sleeping bags, and outdoor furniture made with sustainable design in mind.

spend time outside sustainably with Karma Wallet

At Karma Wallet, we strive to make it easier for people like you to make more sustainable purchasing decisions, which is why we offer cashback on all of these outdoor brands – plus thousands more. Your sustainable summer is just around the corner, so what are you waiting for?