Company Spotlight: The Bouqs 

What if there was a better way to order flowers? What if flowers were sourced directly from farmers? The Bouqs has redefined the floral industry.

September 26, 2023


The Bouqs is rooted in kindness. This modern floral brand connects people to farm-fresh flowers AND the partners that grew them. 

Join us as we talk about their sustainability commitments, flower sourcing standards, brand story, and how they do things differently.

The Bouqs Brand Story

As our world becomes increasingly digital, finding ways to connect in a meaningful way with loved ones can feel challenging. The Bouqs is all about bringing a touch of nature into our lives – and building relationships, one beautiful bouquet at a time.

The Bouqs, a unique and innovative flower delivery service, has disrupted the floral industry with its commitment to sustainability, transparency, and breathtakingly fresh blooms.

Bouqs | pronounced BOO-Ks 

Their story started in 2012 with a phone call. Founder John Tabis called co-founder JP Montufar, a 3rd generation farmer, to share his frustrating experience ordering flowers.

What if there was a better way to order flowers? What if flowers were sourced directly from farmers?

And so they set out to make it happen.

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The Bouqs was designed to make the flower shopping experience better for everyone. For shoppers, for farmers, and even for the flowers. 

They paired Tabis’s experiences as a brand builder and entrepreneur with Montufars’s knowledge as a flower farmer.   

Based in Marina del Rey, California, The Bouqs is now a leader in the online floral space that delivers flowers and plants fresh from ethical farms around the globe. 

The company’s name, “Bouqs,” is a playful fusion of “bouquets” and “buoys,” symbolizing their commitment to keeping the flower industry afloat while delivering beautiful blooms directly to your doorstep.

Responsible Sourcing

Cutting out the Middleman

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably purchased flowers… just to have them wilt the next day. Frustrating, right?

It happens because most flower companies use middlemen, which means the flowers spend a long time in transit. The more they travel and the more they’re handled makes them more likely to wilt.

The Bouqs sustainably grown flowers are sourced directly from the farm, so they last longer. They’re also cut-to-bloom at the optimal time and often arrive in bud form, so you can watch them blossom in your home.

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Farmer Relationships

The Bouqs put their farmers first. Because they know you can’t have good flowers without happy farmers.

The farmers they work with are certified by third parties like Rainforest Alliance and BloomCheck to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

This also includes eco-friendly practices like recycling water, composting plant waste, and organic pest control practices. 

Many of these farm partners also have initiatives for their employees like education and health services, free meals, and retirement plans. 

By supporting farmers directly, they’re able to ensure they’re paid fairly for their flowers while supporting local communities

The commitment to sustainability goes beyond just sourcing practices. They also utilize eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint. 

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Ordering Your Bouquet 

All of your moments and milestones are covered by The Bouqs. They offer a huge variety of flower types, colors, and styles – so you can customize your order however you’d like. 

You can order a traditional bouquet and have it shipped straight to you or your recipient… or set up a subscription service, so there’s always fresh flowers in your space.

If you’re looking for something that will last beyond a few weeks, turn to their plant selection. From tropical orchids to succulents, the Bouqs offers a wide variety of indoor plants that will brighten any home. 

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Karma Wallet & The Bouqs

As we prepare to launch the Karma Wallet Debit Card early next year, we’ve been teaming up with awesome brands like The Bouqs to reward you for shopping sustainably. 

We’re stoked to announce that The Bouqs has joined the Karma Collective! The Karma Collective is a community of ethical brands that offer conscious consumers like you exclusive cashback rewards. 

There’ll be more details to come very soon (and you can join the Karma Wallet Card waitlist here!) but in the meantime, head over to The Bouqs to start getting sustainably sourced flowers direct to your door.