Company Spotlight: TOMS

TOM’s self-adopted mission is to use business to improve lives. Here’s how they create change!

June 21, 2023


For years, TOMS has been the face of sustainable footwear. As a mission-driven company founded on the concept of the One for One give-back model, TOMS’ impact ranges further than just ethical shoes.

Today, they continue to create positive change by committing ⅓ of their profits to grassroots good, funding various initiatives to improve the lives of others in sustainable and meaningful ways. Though their business model has evolved throughout the years, their mission to help everyone “wear good” has stayed the same.


TOM’s self-adopted mission is to use business to improve lives.

Originally, this mission was solely achieved through their iconic buy one give one model. For every purchase of a TOMS shoe, they would donate a pair to those in need.

TOMS defines grassroots good as community-driven change to address issues and needs on a much more unique and specialized level.

For example, their current focus is on mental health resources, spreading awareness to improve the lives of those struggling in our communities. This way, when you purchase TOMS’ ethical shoes, you help fund access to mental health resources for millions in need.

Other key focus points of the grassroots good initiative are increasing equity and access to opportunity, and ending gun violence. Grassroots good benefits more communities and organizations than meets the eye, helping fund over 30 current giving partners with their ethical footwear, all with different unique missions.

All of this work has had a huge impact. To date, they have impacted 105,123,038 lives (and counting!) through their social and environmental initiatives!

toms shoes sustainability

TOMS Future Initiatives

TOMS is in it for the long haul. Although they do a ton in the world of sustainability, they know there is always more work to do. That’s why they’ve identified six key commitments that will carry them through 2025.

Like us, they are a Certified B Corp – and by 2025 they plan to increase their B Corp score. Their other commitments, such as implementing 100% sustainable cotton and measuring and reducing their carbon footprint, will play an integral role in increasing their score.

Products & Materials 

Despite their most popular product being their sustainable footwear, they don’t just have one sole focus. In fact, they offer sustainably-made sunglasses, tees and sweatshirts, socks, and various other accessories, so that no matter what you’re looking for, you can still “wear good”.

Not only does their footwear benefit great social causes, but it’s also sustainably made.

TOMS’ earthwise™ line of products boasts thoughtful and eco-friendly materials. From 100% organic, recycled cotton, to eco-fibers like jute, hemp, and linen, earthwise™ products make it easy for you to feel good about your eco-friendly shoes.

To encourage reuse within a circular economy, TOMS has also partnered with thredUp, allowing you to resell used products for credit to purchase pre-owned items.

Additionally, they offer green packaging, made of 80% recycled materials and sourced from sustainably managed forests.

TOMS Company Rating 

On our site, Karma Wallet rates TOMS a 15/16, evaluated on 15 out of 16 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Comparing their score to the industry average of 2.21 for casual shoe companies shows just how much TOMS is doing to set a higher standard for all shoemakers!

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toms shoes sustainability