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June 20, 2024

Company Spotlight: Better World Club

Better World Club, the sustainable AAA, offers roadside assistance services like other providers – but with a unique eco-friendly twist.
June 18, 2024

Aveda’s Sustainability: The Good & The Bad

On Karma Wallet, we rate Aveda’s sustainability 10/16, recognizing their efforts and the work that still lies ahead. Here's why!
Image of 8 colorful beauty products on a white table.
June 13, 2024

Company Spotlight: Beautyologie

Beautyologie is an online beauty marketplace that makes it easy to find fair trade and ethically formulated products.
May 22, 2024

Company Spotlight: J&L Naturals

At the core of J&L Naturals’ philosophy lies a deep-seated commitment to sustainability. Here's a bit about their natural skincare!
May 22, 2024

Company Spotlight: The Sustainable Watch Company

With every order from The Sustainable Watch Company, you plant 10 trees, offset 250kg of carbon, and remove 20 plastic bottles from the ocean.
March 25, 2024

Company Spotlight: CARIUMA

CARIUMA was born out of a shared passion for sneakers and a commitment to making a positive difference in the world.
March 22, 2024

Company Spotlight: Subset

By prioritizing environmentally responsible practices, sustainable materials, and ethical production, Subset puts integrity and accountability over greenwashing.
March 22, 2024

Company Spotlight: Raleigh Founded

Since its inception, Raleigh Founded has made a significant impact on the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.