Company Spotlight: Boma Jewelry

Boma Jewelry is a family-owned company making high-quality jewelry from ethical materials. Here’s how they earned a rating of 15/16 on Karma Wallet!

July 6, 2023


Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1981, Boma Jewelry is a family-owned company focused on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profits.

Their vision? Be the jewelry brand that people can trust. 

On Karma Wallet, we rate Boma a 15/16 – evaluated on 15 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Let’s talk about their innovative products, sustainability certifications, social impact initiatives, and why we’ve rated them so highly!

History of Boma Jewelry 

1981: Boma Jewelry is founded by Boon and Chieko Chaya in Seattle, Washington.

1985: The first Boma Jewelry factory is built in Thailand to support and build their community of jewelry artisans.

1993: Boma grows to be one of the top 20 silver jewelry manufacturers in North America.

2016: The Boma Girl Fund is established to donate funds to programs created for their worker’s families. 

2019: Boma becomes a Social-Purpose Corporation, balancing social and environmental initiatives into their daily decisions.

2020: The first grant program is established for BIPOC jewelry designers, providing production resources and mentorship to support independent designers.

2021: Boma becomes a Certified B Corp

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Sustainability Initiatives 

Boma factories utilize renewable energies to manufacture their products – which helps them reduce emissions by 436 metric tonnes a year. That’s equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 49,060 gallons of gasoline! 

Like Karma Wallet, Boma Jewelry is a Certified B Corp. This means that they meet high standards for social and environmental responsibility – and consider all stakeholders when making decisions. 

Boma has also committed to B Corp’s Climate Collective, making a pledge to have net zero emissions by 2030. They also provide carbon offsets for all online purchases through Carbonclick. 

They’ve also joined the American Sustainable Business Council and the Sustainable Fashion Alliance. Through these groups, they advocate for more sustainable, ethical, and holistic business practices.

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Boma Girl Fund 

Project Drawdown states that one of the top 10 solutions to reverse global warming is Educating Girls. 

“Across low-income countries, there is a strong link between women and the natural systems at the heart of family and community life. Women often and increasingly play roles as stewards and managers of food, soil, trees and water. As educated girls become educated women, they can fuse inherited traditional knowledge with new information accessed through the written word.”

To aid in this meaningful solution, the Boma Girl Fund was created in 2016 to donate to programs created for the workers, families, and communities of the artisans and craftspeople who make their jewelry. 

While it started as a fund for girls and women, it has grown to be for all family members.

Boma commits funds for education scholarships, book drives, wellness activities, and community events. Each year, they donate 15% more to this fund – multiplying the positive impact created.

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Grant Program

In 2020, Boma launched their grant program to provide resources to BIPOC jewelry designers – acknowledging that mentorship and access to established supply chain resources are limited in their industry.

Every year they award winners $500 for sampling and production using Boma’s manufacturing resources. They also provide a 3-month dedicated mentorship program and ongoing support for their grant winners.

The goal is to create more opportunities, awareness, and access for independent BIPOC designers! 

Boma Jewelry Products

Boma has one north star for their business: leave people and places better than they found them. And that mission carries through to their jewelry materials and manufacturing. 

Ethically Sourced Materials

Boma takes pride in using ethically sourced materials, ensuring their pieces are not only beautiful but also free from conflict. 

Their commitment to responsible sourcing means they go above and beyond to verify the origins of their gemstones and precious metals.

By working closely with suppliers who adhere to strict ethical standards, Boma Jewelry ensures that their creations are as guilt-free as they are stunning.

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Recycled Precious Metals

To minimize demand for newly mined metals, Boma Jewelry incorporates recycled precious metals into their designs. 

By repurposing existing materials, they reduce the need for environmentally damaging mining practices. This sustainable approach helps preserve resources while reducing water usage and carbon emissions associated with the mining and refining processes.

Fair Trade Gemstones

Boma Jewelry recognizes the importance of supporting mining communities and promoting fair trade practices.

Additionally, they seek out gemstone suppliers who commit to ethical practices and fair wages for miners.

By establishing strong supplier relationships, Boma empowers local communities and fosters a more equitable jewelry industry.

Reducing Waste

Boma strives to minimize waste throughout the production process by employing techniques like precise cutting and shaping to maximize material usage.

They also prioritize the use of recycled and recyclable materials for their packaging, minimizing waste and reducing their ecological footprint. 

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Boma Jewelry Rating

Boma Jewelry is a shining example of how to integrate sustainability into the world of fine jewelry.

Through their ethical sourcing, use of recycled materials, fair trade practices, low waste manufacturing, carbon-neutral operations, and eco-friendly packaging, Boma sets a high standard for the industry.

On Karma Wallet, we rate them a 15 out of 16, evaluated on 15 UN SDG’s. Explore their full report card below!

We are excited to announce that Boma has recently joined the Karma Collective.

As part of this network, Boma joins a group of highly sustainable brands dedicated to rewarding customers, like yourself, for making environmentally conscious shopping choices.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the Karma Wallet card and our app, which will provide you with even more opportunities to shop sustainably and earn cashback with brands like Boma!