11 Ways to Earn Cashback with Plastic Pollution Coalition Brands

The Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of businesses committed to ending plastic pollution. When you shop with these awesome eco-friendly brands, you can earn up to 20% cashback. Here’s 11 ways to earn!

October 25, 2023


You shop sustainably. So you deserve to get rewarded. We’ve compiled our favorite Plastic Pollution Coalition brands that offer up to 20% cashback for conscious consumers like you! So, what is the Plastic Pollution Coalition?

The Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of organizations, businesses, and individuals committed to ending plastic pollution and its detrimental impacts on our environment. With a strong focus on advocacy, education, and collaboration, they work to raise awareness about the plastic pollution crisis and drive solutions that address the issue at its source. 

Through their campaigns and initiatives, the Plastic Pollution Coalition strives to inspire a world where plastic is used mindfully and disposed of responsibly to protect our planet’s ecosystems.

Ready to start earning cashback for shopping with Plastic Pollution Coalition brands? Let’s dive in!


Up to 2.93% Cashback

Biossance is a pioneering skincare brand that utilizes sustainable sugarcane-derived squalane in its products. Their commitment to clean beauty and eco-friendly practices makes them a go-to choice for those seeking effective, ethical skincare solutions.


Up to .98% Cashback

Faherty is a fashion brand that blends style with sustainability. Known for their eco-conscious materials and responsible manufacturing, Faherty creates clothing that embodies a relaxed, beachy vibe while respecting the environment.


Up to 2% Cashback

FinalStraw offers a practical solution to single-use plastic straws. Their collapsible, reusable straw is designed for on-the-go sustainability, allowing you to enjoy your drinks without harming the planet.

plastic pollution coalition brands


Up to 1.95% Cashback

LARQ is a brand dedicated to creating self-cleaning water bottles. Using innovative UV-C technology, their bottles disinfect water and reduce the need for disposable plastic bottles, aligning with their mission of cleaner and more sustainable hydration.


Up to 2% Cashback

Natracare is a pioneer in organic and natural feminine hygiene products. Their commitment to using organic cotton and sustainable materials in tampons, pads, and liners makes them a trusted choice for women looking for eco-friendly options.

Pangea Organics

Up to 2% Cashback

Pangea Organics is a skincare brand that focuses on organic, plant-based ingredients. Their sustainable packaging, ethically sourced ingredients, and eco-friendly practices reflect their dedication to both skin health and environmental well-being.

River Organics

Up to 4.88% Cashback

River Organics is a cosmetic brand offering organic, cruelty-free makeup products. Their commitment to sustainable ingredients and minimal waste packaging caters to eco-conscious beauty enthusiasts.


Up to 1.95% Cashback

Rothy’s is a footwear brand known for creating stylish, comfortable shoes made from recycled plastic bottles. Their innovative approach to fashion reduces plastic waste and promotes sustainable footwear.

Simply Straws

Up to 2.0% Cashback

Simply Straws is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic straws. They offer reusable, environmentally friendly glass and stainless steel straws, providing an alternative that’s both practical and planet-friendly.


Up to 12.19% Cashback

Moncoeur is a brand that combines fashion with a sustainable mission. They offer ethically made clothing and accessories with a focus on quality, style, and responsible manufacturing practices, contributing to a more conscientious fashion industry.


Up to 3.9% Cashback

Ahimsa is a brand that creates non-toxic stainless steel dinnerware for kids. Their products are designed to be safe, sustainable, and durable, promoting a plastic-free and eco-friendly approach to family dining.

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