Company Spotlight: EarthHero

EarthHero is the one-stop shop for everything sustainable.

June 16, 2023


Sustainable shopping made simple. Gone are the days where you spend hours looking up a company’s ingredients, manufacturing, or certifications before shopping. EarthHero does the work for you, vetting 250+ eco-friendly brands then bringing them together in one online marketplace.

On Karma Wallet, we rate EarthHero 10.5 out of 16. Let’s dive and discover what makes EarthHero a standout in the world of conscious consumerism!

Planet-Friendly Products & Brands

At EarthHero, you’ll find an extension collection of products that have been carefully curated with sustainability in mind. They use their unique 5-step sourcing methodology for this, which looks at Materials & Ingredients, Company Responsibility, Ownership & Representation, Packaging & End of Life, and Give Back.

EarthHero dives deep into every single product a brand sells, then passes along all of their research to you – so you can shop aligned with your values.

Whether you’re looking for zero waste products, home essentials, ethical clothing, baby & kids products, or anything in between, EarthHero has a diverse range of products from over 250 brands.

Their end goal? Have a more sustainable alternative to every product you could purchase.

That includes mattresses, phone chargers, baby strollers – you name it! Plus, when you start your shopping journey from Karma Wallet, you’ll earn cashback!

Company Spotlight: EarthHero, Karma Wallet Company Report Card

Environmental Education

EarthHero doesn’t stop at just selling products. They also provide educational resources to empower and inspire conscious living! Their blog and social media channels offer a wealth of information, including sustainable living tips, DIY projects, interviews with leaders in the space, and much more.

Whether you’re new to sustainable living or a seasoned environmentalist, their informative content is sure to inspire.


EarthHero takes their commitment to the planet seriously, and have gotten a number of certifications to help them with their mission.

Like us, they’re a Certified B Corp, joining a network of companies using business as a force for good. Businesses awarded the B Corp title meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance! 

EarthHero donates 1% of sales annually towards world-changing non-profits through 1% for the Planet, and many of their team members take part in local environmental initiatives and volunteer days to create even greater impact. 

Since 2021, EarthHero has been Climate Neutral Certified, offsetting their climate footprint while reducing the total emissions they put out. Their end goal is to be a zero emission company – but until then, they use Climate Neutral to offset their footprint with projects like renewable energy development and reforestation projects.

Company Spotlight: EarthHero, Karma Wallet Company Report Card

EarthHero Company Rating 

When you shop at EarthHero, you’re not just buying products; you’re making a statement.

They believe in the power of informed consumer choices and the positive impact it can have on our planet. By supporting them, you’re joining a community of like minded individuals making the world a more sustainable place. 

Company Spotlight: EarthHero, Karma Wallet Company Report Card

On Karma Wallet, we rate EarthHero a 10.5/16, evaluated on 11 out of 16 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The sector average for online marketplaces like them is just 5.15/16. Get rewarded when you shop with EarthHero and earn 3.41% cashback through Karma Wallet!