Get Rewarded: Karma Wallet Rewards

Here’s everything you need to know about the rewards offered on the Karma Wallet Card.

April 15, 2024


By now, you should know that 18% of consumers allow their credit card rewards to be wasted. And, more often than not, the consumers that allow the rewards to go to waste are millennials. 

Want to learn more about how you might be wasting your credit card rewards? Check out our blog post here.

But… credit cards are not the only way to get rewarded for your purchases. Here’s everything you need to know about the rewards offered on the Karma Wallet Card.

Karma Wallet Rewards

We don’t offer points on the Karma Wallet Card. Why? Because points can get confusing. They can have different conversion ratings, they can expire, and it’s hard to know their true value. Instead, we offer a suite of cashback rewards and membership benefits that are easy to understand and easy to use.

Want to learn more about the Karma Wallet Card? It’s a prepaid, reloadable debit card that’s good for your wallet and good for the planet. Click here to learn more. 

Cashback Rewards

When you shop with your Karma Wallet Card, your cashback rewards will automatically accrue in your Karma Wallet App. Support the brands you know and love, then discover new sustainable brands that are aligned with your values.

Up to 20% Cashback*

We offer up to 20% cashback* with over 1,000+ sustainable and ethical merchants. Simply find an offer in-app, use your Karma Wallet Card at checkout, and watch the cashback pile up! You can cash out your cashback each month.

Local Restaurants 

Coming soon, you’ll be able to earn additional cashback rewards at over 10,000 local restaurants!

DoneGood Marketplace

DoneGood is a sustainable marketplace with over 100+ ethical brands in one place. When you sign up for the Karma Wallet Card, you’ll get 10% cashback and free shipping on every DoneGood order. 

Social & Environmental Impact 

Unlike many rewards systems that only benefit the individual – Karma Wallet is all about the greater good. When you use your Karma Wallet Card to buy gas, we automatically donate to reforestation efforts. When you use your Karma Wallet Card to dine out, we automatically donate a meal to someone in need. 

You get rewarded… and so does the planet. Win win. 

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