Company Spotlight: Olive+Comet 

For people. For planet. Forever. It’s not just Olive+Comet’s tagline – it’s a reminder of why they do what they do.

August 28, 2023


For people. For planet. Forever. It’s not just the company’s tagline, it’s a reminder of why they do what they do. Olive+Comet creates eco-friendly lifestyle gear made the right way, with the right stuff. By blending style, sustainability, and social responsibility into their goods, they’re reimagining the way we shop.

We’ll dive into the Olive+Comet brand story, sustainability commitments, zero waste products, and partners in this blog!

Olive+Comet Brand Story

Founded by a father, and inspired by his daughters, Olive+Comet is a family affair. 

“These whirling dynamos are huge fans of the outdoors, and their curiosity of the natural world is unending. They like to camp. They study the shape of leaves. They pick up bugs. And toads. And snakes— because they love, love, love nature in every way.”

It was this same curiosity & compassion that led the founder of Olive+Comet to seek out better ways to produce the things we desire.

They started by identifying the products they couldn’t live without… and made them “better” – from materials to manufacturing.

They believe in the forces of good and in the collective power of people. While they’re just getting started, they have big plans to make things better in our world.

Product Suppliers and Manufacturing 

Olive+Comet selects its supply partners and manufacturers carefully and with intent. They meet the highest standards for quality, ethics, and environmental sustainability. 

And… they can back it up with certifications and data. That’s the kind of transparency we love!


For their custom Kambi mugs, Olive+Comet works with Emalco, located in Siedlce, Poland. Emalco uses 100 year old traditions to handcraft their enamelware utilizing high-quality steel, pigments, enamel and ceramic decal components. 


Based in Berlin, soulproducts manufactures the Olive+Comet Hadley bottle. They manufacture in a carbon neutral facility using recycled materials and fair trade components. Plus, soulproducts is a Certified B Corp and donates to initiatives that provide clean water access to those in need. 


Olive+Comet Sonoma bags are handcrafted by Joyya, the company’s WFTO certified fair trade partner, located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton, the bags are ethically made with fair labor standards. Joyya employs at-risk women, providing them with safety, security, and opportunity, and earned an A+ rating in the 2021 Tearfund Ethical Fashion Report. 

Certifications and Partnerships

Olive+Comet has sought out partnerships that champion the causes it’s most passionate about – amplifying its positive impact in the process. Olive+Comet has amassed some amazing partnerships and certifications with trusted nonprofits and organizations.

1% for the Planet

Like Karma Wallet, Olive+Comet is a member of 1% for the Planet – an internationally recognized nonprofit that has become the gold standard for sustainable philanthropic giving.

Members agree to donate 1% of total annual sales to social and environmental causes. 

One Tree Planted

Through their partnership with One Tree Planted, Olive+Comet donates to reforestation initiatives, joining their efforts to revitalize damaged forests in the USA and beyond.

In addition to planting trees, they protect habitats for biodiversity, renew compromised ecosystems, and support and uplift local communities. 

For every item sold, Olive+Comet funds the planting of a tree through One Tree Planted, helping to create resilient forest ecosystems worldwide.


Ecologi, a UK-based company and Certified B Corp, invests in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, plants and protects forests, and supports carbon reduction projects. 

By partnering with Ecologi, Olive+Comet has been able to remain “climate positive” through a combination of carbon offsets and the funding of certified carbon sequestration and avoidance projects.

Green Business Bureau Member

As a member of the Green Business Bureau, Olive+Comet can track its sustainability goals, find new initiatives to implement, reduce its carbon footprint, and hold itself accountable with an EcoScorecard.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Additionally Olive+Comet is a member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, an alliance of over 1,300 businesses and 14,000 individuals who have the shared goal of creating a regenerative world free from plastic pollution.

This membership showcases the company’s commitment to using non-plastic materials – in products, packaging, and shipping materials.

Packaging and Shipping

As a part of its dedication to conserving forest resources, Olive+Comet mandates that its branded paper products must be Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified, ensuring environmental, social and economic benefits.

All Olive+Comet products are shipped 100% plastic free in post-consumer recycled packaging and shipped carbon neutral.

Karma Wallet & Olive+Comet

We’re proud to announce that Olive+Comet is a member of the Karma Collective, a network of mission-driven brands that offer rewards to the Karma Wallet community. 

There are more details to come when we launch the Karma Wallet Debit Card (join the waitlist here!) – but we’re excited to partner with Olive+Comet to create even more impact for people and the planet. 

Sustainability is at the heart of their identity. Olive+Comet’s holistic approach to sustainability encompasses environmental, social, and economic dimensions to create meaningful products that also give back.

From eco-conscious materials to fair labor practices, Olive+Comet stands as a testament to how businesses can thrive while making a positive impact.

Head to Olive+Comet to explore its innovative products and support its mission!