Company Spotlight: Good Juju

Good Juju is an innovative personal care company with all-natural, plastic-free essentials. Learn about their brand story, ingredients, manufacturing, and more!

September 5, 2023


Zero waste with zero compromise. That’s the motto of Good Juju – an innovative personal care and home company redefining what sustainable products can be. Their all-natural, plastic-free essentials are good for you, and good for the planet, too.

We’re all about transparency – and so is Good Juju. Here’s everything you need to know about Good Juju before making your next purchase! 

Good Juju Brand Story

Meet Lisa and Alexa – friends, moms, climate nerds, and lovers of all things natural health.

They spent years working in the natural health world, where they learned the incredible power that natural ingredients can have on our health and wellness. 

And… the negative impact that single-use plastics can have, as well. Both on our health, and the environment. 

So, they made Good Juju as a place for consumers like yourself to start their natural health and wellness journey – without feeling overwhelmed.

They work with experts to formulate amazing home and personal care products that are great for our planet, and your health, without feeling like you’re giving anything up. 

This is a pivotal moment. It’s an opportunity to step up and help create a better future. To fight for the wellbeing of the Earth, and all the living things that call it home. We all have the power to effect real change, and that power lies in the choices we make every day. It starts with each of us.Good Juju

Sustainability Committments 

50×30 Pledge

Since 2021, Good Juju has prevented 417,130 plastic bottles from entering the waste stream. But that’s just the beginning. Their goal is to prevent 50 million bottles by 2030!

And they can’t do it alone. Good Juju aims to create a community of changemakers that will inspire others to clean their daily routines. 

150 million tonnes of single-use plastics are produced around the world every year. That’s 4.75 tonnes every second!

While this feels overwhelming, Good Juju knows we can create change. And it’s through small, daily decisions – that add up in a meaningful way over time. 

1% for the Planet

Like us, Good Juju is a proud member of 1% for the Planet – donating 1% of annual sales to environmental and social nonprofits changing the world. 

This commitment highlights one of the core values of the brand: that every choice makes a difference. And that together, change is possible.

good juju on karma wallet

Zero Waste Products

From ingredients and manufacturing to packaging and shipping, Good Juju is always looking for ways to have the least negative impact on the planet. 

Their products deviate from the norm – with innovations like solid shampoo and conditioner, shaving bars, laundry strips, wool dryer balls, and beeswax wraps.

Here’s an in-depth look at some of our favorites! 

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner

Traditional shampoo and conditioner usually comes in plastic packaging – and almost always contains water, among a slew of other chemicals.

Solid shampoo and conditioner bars are ultra-concentrated and chemical-free. In fact, 1 shampoo bar can replace as many as 3 plastic shampoo bottles! 

The end result is less plastic bottles headed for our landfills. Smaller shampoo and conditioner bars are also lighter and easier to ship, reducing carbon emissions from shipping – alongside carbon emissions from plastic production. 

Good Juju’s shampoo and conditioner bars come in a ton of varieties, so you can customize your zero waste hair care routine. They’re also vegan, cruelty free, color-safe, paraben free, SLES free, and contain no fragrances or dyes. Many of the ingredients are organic, as well! 

Laundry Detergent Strips

When you think of laundry detergent, you’re likely to imagine giant plastic jugs of neon liquid. Or single-use pods wrapped in “biodegradable” materials. Either way, it means a ton of plastic pollution – and a laundry list of chemicals you can’t pronounce. 

Laundry detergent strips are a chemical-free, plastic-free way to do laundry.

The formula contains no water and requires no plastic bottle, meaning a 94% smaller carbon footprint each time you do a load of laundry. 

700 million plastic laundry detergent jugs end up in landfills every year. These innovative laundry strips reimagine what your laundry routine looks like! 

Packaging and Shipping

Every single Good Juju product is packaged and shipped in plastic-free, biodegradable and sustainable materials.

That means 100% post-consumer recycled envelopes and boxes, recyclable Kraft paper tape with a biodegradable plant-derived rubber adhesive, and cornstarch foam that dissolves in water.

Plus, for every order placed, they offset the resulting carbon emissions!

Karma Wallet & Good Juju

Big news! Good Juju is also a member of the Karma Collective, a community of Karma Wallet brands that are coming together to create a positive impact. 

We’ll have more information to share with the launch of the Karma Wallet Debit Card (join the waitlist here!) – but Good Juju will be sharing exclusive rewards to our Karma Wallet community. Stay tuned! 

Good Juju is more than just a wellness brand… they’re a testament to the power of purpose-driven businesses.

Ready to explore their luxury zero waste products? Check out Good Juju!