Impact Insider: The Real Cost of Food

In this week’s Impact Insider we talk about the real cost of food, food miles, greenwashing, and how to create a greener plate.

March 26, 2024


As we push Earth beyond its limits through unsustainable practices the consequences for our environment and nutritional value become undeniable.

Yet, this journey is sprinkled with illusions. 

Greenwashing, with its false promises of purity and sustainability, veils the truth of our choices. The path to a truly earth-friendly diet begins with peeling back these claims, seeking out the genuine over the gilded. Let’s navigate this terrain with eyes wide open, opting for authenticity and transparency in every bite we take.

Making Every Bite Count 

While buying local produce is a great start, truly sustainable eating involves understanding the broader impact of our food choices. 

Our World in Data sheds light on a pivotal fact: the production stage far outweighs transport in terms of environmental impact. For example, beef production emits 60 times more greenhouse gases than transporting it. So, what can we do?

What We’re Reading

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