How Data Insights Impact Shopping with Personal Care Companies

How does personal care brands’ sustainability translates to the bottom line? We take a look at Karma Wallet impact data to learn more.

February 28, 2024


Karma Wallet analyzed our users’ transactions to find purchasing patterns and see specifically how they engage with personal care companies before and after receiving insights on the sustainability of their shopping. After a user links their card, we analyze their transaction data to provide them personal data insights. What we found might surprise you…

Here’s a closer look at the data!

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By the Numbers

We started by analyzing our 1.9 million transactions representing $183M+ spent by our users spent.

Half of Karma Wallet users have improved their Karma Score since receiving personal data insights. Karma Score is the dollar-weighted average of the Impact Scores of the companies a user shops with. Think of it like a credit score for sustainability! 

Personal Care Impact 

Next, we analyzed shifts in spending before & after users received personal data insights. Personal Care showed a trend towards more sustainable purchases after users understood their personal impact. Here are the top sectors! 

Long Story Short

Basically, we’ve found that when consumers learn about the social and environmental impact of the brands they shop with, they tend to not only increase their spending amount… but spend more frequently with those brands prioritizing sustainability. 

But – we all still have a long ways to go. We saw a shift from negative spending towards neutral and positive spending… but negatively-rated companies still took up a lot of user spend. As conscious consumers get more information on the brands they shop with, they can further reduce their negative spend… and support more sustainable alternatives.

The Role of Karma Wallet

It’s one thing for the brands themselves to brag about their impact. But how can you be sure they’re telling you the truth? That’s where Karma Wallet comes in. We use 40+ trusted third party data sources to calculate over 18,000+ Company Ratings

Then, we pass that info along to our community – alongside a suite of personal data insights – so they can have all the information they need before making a purchase.

We believe that knowledge is power and shopping sustainably doesn’t have to be confusing. Create your free Karma Wallet account to unlock your personal data insights!