Company Spotlight: The Sustainable Watch Company

With every The Sustainable Watch Company Order, you plant 10 trees, offset 250kg of carbon, and remove 20 plastic bottles from the ocean.

May 22, 2024


Why not buy Mother Nature some time? That’s the motto of The Sustainable Watch Company – an innovative brand carving a niche for itself in the watch industry with their handmade recycled wood watches. 

Plus, they plant 10 trees with every order.

Let’s talk about The Sustainable Watch Company’s brand story, sustainability initiatives, and discover how they are redefining the concept of luxury timepieces.

Brand Story

The Sustainable Watch Company was born out of a vision to marry luxury with sustainability. Founded by a team of passionate watchmakers and environmentalists, the brand set out on a mission to challenge the status quo of conventional watchmaking practices. 

Their journey began with a simple question: Can elegance coexist with eco-friendliness?

This means finding the finest sustainable materials and employing ethical manufacturing processes without compromising on quality or style. Each timepiece crafted by The Sustainable Watch Company tells a story of craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication to the planet.

The Sustainable Watch Company Initiatives

From sourcing recycled materials to packaging and distribution, every aspect of the company’s operations is infused with eco-consciousness. 

Plus, they back it all up with Ethy verified sustainability claims including 100% vegan, powered by renewables, and over 50% recycled packaging. 

Here’s a closer look at their key sustainability initiatives: 

Planting Trees & Removing Plastic

For every order, The Sustainable Watch Company plants 10 trees through their partnership with Ecologi

They also remove 20 plastic bottles from the ocean with every order. Creating a business that gives back was always part of the ethos of The Sustainable Watch Company – and with the support of their community, they are helping reforest the planet while creating jobs for social impact. 

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon removal and offsetting is a huge part of their business model. They tackle carbon emissions in a few unique ways: 

  • For every order, they offset 250kg of carbon through Ecologi. This is equivalent to 620 miles of driving in an average vehicle!
  • They donate 1% of Stripe revenue to carbon removal via Stripe Climate
  • They operate a Climate Positive workforce. This means they offset more carbon per head than is generated by their workforce! 
  • They ship every order carbon neutral – offsetting about 301kg of carbon per order.

Shipping & Packaging

When you order a watch, it comes to your door in eco-friendly and recyclable product and shipping packaging and is shipped 100% carbon neutral. They also contribute to schemes accredited by the Gold Standard (the highest verification of carbon offsetting!)

Handmade Recycled Wood Watches

Each timepiece made by The Sustainable Watch Company is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and eco-friendly design. 

  • Handmade: both the watch and strap are handmade. Making things by hand requires less energy and natural resources, which leads to a lower carbon footprint than items that are mass-produced.
  • Recycled Natural Wood Furniture: their products utilize ethically sourced recycled natural wood furniture and discarded railway tracks. This reduces waste, and gives your timepiece and an amazing story! 
  • Vegan: 100% vegan products that contain no animal products – unlike traditional leather-strap watches. 
  • Unique: because these watches are handmade from natural materials, every single watch and strap is unique. Each has their own natural wood grain and color hues – so no two watches are the same.

While most eco-friendly watches are powered by automatic movements, many of their products are mechanical watches that use kinetic energy to keep them ticking. That means you don’t have to stress about replacing batteries or winding your watch daily. 

That said, they do have some amazing automatic watches too – like the Cedar Watch, below!

For men, our go-to recommendation is The Cedar Watch – featuring recycled green sandalwood furniture that is upcycled by hand into a handsome, stylish timepiece. The dark brown natural woods surround a chronograph style watch with a jubilee band.

For women, our top suggestion is The Birch Watch, which utilizes recycled maple wood furniture and a lighter overall wash. It has a classic white circular watch face combined with gold accents and light colored jubilee band. 

Karma Wallet and The Sustainable Watch Company

With every order from The Sustainable Watch Company, you plant 10 trees, offset 250kg of carbon, and remove 20 plastic bottles from the ocean. And you get a beautiful, meticulously crafted watch made from recycled and renewable resources. 

Through their unwavering commitment to ethical practices, innovative design, and environmental stewardship, The Sustainable Watch Company is not just crafting timepieces but also shaping a more sustainable future for the watch industry and beyond. 

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Buy Mother Nature some time and find your favorite handmade wooden watch below!