Company Spotlight: J&L Naturals

At the core of J&L Naturals’ philosophy lies a deep-seated commitment to sustainability. From sourcing raw materials to packaging and distribution, every step of their production process is infused with eco-consciousness.

May 22, 2024


Everyday essentials, made ethical. J&L Naturals has grown a brand where sustainability isn’t just a tagline or a selling point. It’s at the core of what they do, across every single product and business decision. 

Their sustainable skincare products are made without harsh chemicals or animal-based ingredients, instead leveraging the best natural ingredients all wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging. 

So, what’s the J&L difference? In this blog, we’ll dive into their brand story, sustainability initiatives, and product offerings, and discover how they’re revolutionizing skincare with a green ethos. 

J&L Naturals Brand Story

J&L Naturals was born out of a simple yet powerful belief: that skincare should be as pure and natural as the ingredients found in nature. That means no sneaky chemicals and no unnecessary fragrances.

It all stands with brand founder Jenn. After 15 years of dealing with chronic acne, and countless failed attempts to improve it through commercial antibiotics and topics, Jenn fell down the rabbit hole of natural healing.

Here she learned the power of natural ingredients and botanicals, and found relief for her acne through a non-toxic face salve – not the expensive serums and treatments she had turned to before.

The lightbulb moment came when her husband developed a rash on his underarms from conventional deodorants, which she solved with her own aluminum-free deodorant! 

From there, they began making handmade, natural skin and body care products for their friends and family – which quickly grew into the J&L Naturals brand we know and love.

Driven by a desire to empower consumers to make informed choices about their skincare, J&L Naturals prioritizes education and sustainability. They believe that beauty is more than skin deep and that true radiance comes from embracing the goodness of nature.

Sustainability Initiatives

At the core of J&L Naturals’ philosophy lies a deep-seated commitment to sustainability. From sourcing raw materials to packaging and distribution, every step of their production process is infused with eco-consciousness. 

They obsess about the “little details” like uncoated labels and grease-proof glassine liners… so you can feel good knowing they’ve crafted the most mindful product available. 

Here’s a closer look at J&L Naturals’ key sustainability initiatives:

Charitable Giveback

J&L partners with like-minded nonprofits to give back to the planet. For every set sold, they plant 1 tree through #TeamTrees. These trees are planted around the world and contribute to habitat restoration and social impact through fair wage work!

For every 10 Instagram followers they get, they remove 1lb of trash from our oceans through #TeamSeas. Follow their Instagram here!

Product Ingredients

All of their products are 100% vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and preservative free. Instead, their ingredients are 100% natural, plant-based, ethically and sustainably sourced, and screened for the highest quality and efficacy.

Plus, they pass along all the information you need on their ingredients on every product page so you can shop with your values.

Locally Handmade

All J&L products are handmade with love, locally in the United States. Because they are made and shipped in the states, this reduces their carbon footprint from shipping and logistics while contributing to the local economy

Packaging & Shipping 

Recognizing the environmental impact of single-use plastics, J&L Naturals has implemented measures to minimize waste throughout their supply chain. By working directly with their manufacturers, they developed containers that meet the highest standards of sustainability.

They use kraft paper containers for many products – a material that is compostable and biodegradable. 

For other items, they utilize glass with a plastic-free label. This can be recycled when you’re done with your product, or shipped back to J&L to recycle.

Plus, every single order ships to your door carbon neutral in plastic-free and recyclable shipping packaging. 

Our Favorite J&L Naturals Products

The product lineup of J&L Naturals reflects their commitment to purity, quality, and sustainability. From biodegradable floss to aluminum-free deodorant, you’re sure to find your new favorite. 

Here’s a few of our go-tos, but you can explore their entire collection here

  • Bamboo Cotton Buds ($6.99): over one billion pounds of plastic cotton swabs are in our oceans. By making the switch to 100% biodegradable, bamboo alternatives you can reduce waste headed to our landfills and waterways! 
  • Aluminum Free Deodorant ($10.99): an all-natural alternative to your daily deodorant. Made with antioxidants, natural disinfectants, and antibacterial properties to neutralize odors. 
  • Exfoliating Face Mask ($19.99): contains no water diluting the formula – just powerful ingredients like kaolin clay, bentonite clay and green tea powder.
  • Muscle Rub ($17.99): made from oils and natural butters that penetrate your muscles to provide moisture and pain relief.

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Ready to start your zero waste skincare journey? Explore J&L Naturals below!