14 Ways to Earn Cashback with Climate Neutral Brands

Climate Neutral Certified brands go a step above to assess their carbon emissions and offset them. When you support Climate Neutral Certified brands, you’re supporting a better future. Here’s 14 of our most popular climate neutral brands with cashback offers!

October 25, 2023


Are you looking to shop with brands that are accountable for their carbon emissions? Brands that aren’t just talking about climate change… but doing something right now? Climate Neutral Certified Brands are just that. 

Climate Neutral Certified Brands assess the carbon impacts of their products and operations, work towards overall emissions reductions, then compensate for each year’s emissions with eligible verified carbon and clean energy credits.

At Karma Wallet, we think you should be rewarded for supporting sustainable brands. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Climate Neutral Certified Brands offering cashback rewards

Check them out! 

Want to learn more about what Climate Neutral Certified means? Learn more here!

Ana Luisa

Up to .98% Cashback

Ana Luisa is a sustainable jewelry brand that combines timeless designs with eco-friendly materials. In addition, their commitment to quality and responsible sourcing makes them a go-to choice for fashion-conscious consumers who care about the planet.

climate neutral certified

Kora Organics

Up to 3.9% Cashback

Founded by supermodel Miranda Kerr, Kora Organics offers a range of organic and natural skincare products. With a focus on clean beauty and holistic well-being, Kora Organics is a top pick for those seeking radiant, chemical-free skin.

climate neutral certified


Up to 1.56% Cashback

Ettitude is known for its bamboo-based bedding and sleepwear. Additionally, they provide a soft and comfortable sleep experience while prioritizing sustainability, using eco-friendly materials that promote a good night’s rest and a greener planet.

cashback with climate neutral brands


Up to 3.41% Cashback

EarthHero is an online marketplace for sustainable products. They curate a wide range of eco-conscious items, making it easy for consumers to shop responsibly and reduce their environmental footprint.

cashback with climate neutral brands


Up to 1.95% Cashback

Nisolo is a brand that merges style with social impact. They create ethically made shoes and accessories, empowering artisans in developing countries while delivering timeless, high-quality fashion.

cashback with climate neutral brands


Up to 4.88% Cashback

Necessaire is a skincare brand with a minimalist aesthetic and a strong commitment to clean, effective ingredients. Additionally their products are designed to enhance your daily self-care routine, ensuring that beauty is both ethical and luxurious.

cashback with climate neutral brands

Pela Case 

Up to 2.44% Cashback

Pela Case is a pioneer in sustainable phone cases. Crafted from plant-based materials, their biodegradable cases provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic accessories, reducing plastic waste in our oceans.

cashback with climate neutral brands

Thrive Market

Up to $14.63 Cashback

Thrive Market is an online grocery store that focuses on organic, non-GMO, and sustainable products. In addition they make healthy, ethically sourced foods and products more accessible to conscious consumers at affordable prices.

cashback with climate neutral brands

Plant People

Up to 2.0% Cashback

Plant People is a wellness brand that harnesses the power of plants for health and healing. Their CBD and herbal remedies prioritize organic, sustainable ingredients to support holistic well-being.

cashback with climate neutral brands

Happy Earth Apparel

Up to 14.63% Cashback

Happy Earth Apparel offers environmentally conscious clothing that raises awareness about various conservation efforts. Their mission is to use fashion as a platform for positive change, promoting a greener, happier Earth through stylish apparel.

cashback with climate neutral brands


Up to 5.85% Cashback

PopSocket, on the other hand, is renowned for its innovative phone accessory that simplifies the way we hold and interact with our mobile devices. Their collapsible grips attach to the back of smartphones, making it easier to text, take photos, or watch videos one-handed, while also allowing for personalization with various designs and functionalities.

cashback with climate neutral brands


Up to 7.31% Cashback

Prima is a wellness and lifestyle brand that focuses on premium, plant-based products designed to support physical and mental well-being. They offer a range of supplements, skincare items, and other self-care essentials, emphasizing the importance of natural ingredients and holistic health.

cashback with climate neutral brands

Seed Phytonutrients

Up to 7.31% Cashback

Seed Phytonutrients is a unique beauty and skincare brand that stands out for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. They offer a range of natural, organic hair and skin products, packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable materials, and prioritize supporting local farmers who cultivate the key ingredients used in their formulations.

cashback with climate neutral brands

Earn Cashback with Climate Neutral Brands on Karma Wallet 

When you support Climate Neutral Certified Brands, you’re helping build a more sustainable future. When more people shop with ethical brands, it indicates to the larger markets that consumers want sustainable products. So, more brands will follow suit!

Want to find other ways to earn cashback? Earn up to 20% cashback rewards with thousands of local, sustainable, and ethical brands on Karma Wallet. Explore them all below!