8 Sustainable Supplement Companies We Love

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June 22, 2023


Not all supplements are created equally. Many vitamin and supplement manufacturers add unnecessary filler ingredients, potentially harmful ingredients, or simply don’t include potent enough ingredients. Not to mention things like wasteful plastic packaging or unethical production practices that many conventional supplement companies rely on. To make it easy to take care of the planet while you take care of your health, we’ve compiled 8 sustainable supplement brands we love.

Plus, these brands all offer cashback – so you can get rewarded for every purchase. 

Athletic Greens

Made with 75 high-quality vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients, Athletic Greens supports gut health, immunity, boosts energy, and helps with endurance and recovery.

Additionally, their product is made in a TGA-registered, NSF Good Manufacturing Practice registered facility – and is NSF Certified for Sport, which is the gold standard for professional athletes who adhere to strict supplement rules. 

sustainable supplement from athletic greens

Plant People

Plant People works with doctors, PhD scientists, chefs, and practitioners to create delicious supplements that actually work.

Through regenerative agriculture, organic practices, a responsible (minimal plastic) supply chain, and certifications like B Corp and Climate Neutral, they ensure their products are low impact on the planet, too.

For every product sold, they plant a tree! Shop sustainable supplement products like hemp tinctures, mushroom gummies, adaptogens, and more!

Moon Juice

Moon Juice brings adaptogens, mushrooms, and clinical-level actives into sustainable supplements with clinically studied, 100% traceable, bioavailable, and potently dosed ingredients.

Most of their packaging is recyclable glass, and their ingredients are 3rd party tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins you definitely don’t want in your supplements.

Shop their collagen, protein powder, supplement capsules, and health “dusts”!

sustainable supplement moon juice on karma wallet

New Chapter

Since 1982, Vermont-based vitamin & supplement brand New Chapter has been revolutionizing natural wellness.

Their products prioritize non-GMO ingredients and no synthetic fillers, and they source everything through a sustainable supply chain that uses climate-friendly, regenerative farming.

Additionally, they’re Certified Zero Waste to Landfill, and their products are Certified Carbonfree. Shop multivitamins, probiotics, gummies – basically all the essentials!

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals are veterans in the CBD industry.

From their organic hemp farm, to their sustainable glass packaging, Lazarus Naturals goes above and beyond. This has led them to become USDA Organic Certified, Leaping Bunny Certified, and a B Corp.

Additionally, by 2030 they plan to be carbon neutral – and waste free by 2040. Their CBD comes in capsules, tinctures, edibles… and they even have pet CBD!


Doctor formulated and holistically designed, Prima’s supplement formulations utilize meaningful levels of the best naturally derived actives.

Their ISO-accredited lab adheres to pharmaceutical-grade controls to ensure every batch is consistent, pure, and potent. They ensure 100% clean ingredients through their Restricted List – a list of 2,800 questionable chemicals that will never appear in their products.

Explore their CBD supplements! 


Traditional Omega 3 supplements are not great for the planet. But… omegas are great for your body! Calgee makes their vegan omega supplements through algae oil that contains no carrageenan, unlike traditional omega supplements.

Plus, the fish-free sustainable supplement comes in lightweight post-consumer recycled packaging, too!

sustainable supplements calgee cashback

Cabinet Health

Cabinet is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic from medicine with their refillable vitamins and supplements!

Their transparent supply chain focuses on high-quality raw ingredients that are independently quality tested.

You buy a supplement once, then can refill for life with compostable refill pouches. From allergy meds, to cold & flu, digestive, pain, sleep, and more – Cabinet Health is changing your medication routine. 

Sustainable Supplement

From CBD supplements to essential vitamins, these sustainable supplement companies have your health and wellness covered. Shop through Karma Wallet and you’ll get rewarded with cashback, too!