Company Spotlight: DEZEN

DEZEN is a fashion brand using plant-based materials and a circular design concept. Here’s how they do it!

July 28, 2023


What do you get when you merge fashion, technology, and sustainability? DEZEN – a low impact accessories brand for the eco-conscious generation. DEZEN is revolutionizing how we use resources through their circular, closed loop system and zero waste production methods. 

Let’s talk about who DEZEN is, how they’re creating their innovative products, and why we’re proud to have them as a Karma Wallet partner. 

All About DEZEN

Based in San Francisco, DEZEN is the first fashion accessory brand using plant-based materials and a circular design concept. 

Their motivation is simple. Push boundaries for ethical fashion, and redefine what the industry looks like with a new, green mindset.

DEZEN’s founder, Dilek Sezen, is a San Francisco based fine artist and designer of couture jewelry and luxury home accessories.

Her work has been inspired by the local tech scene of Silicon Valley, and she has incorporated technology into her art for over 5 years.

“From the beginning of time jewelry has been used to help an individual distinguish themselves and express their unique identity. Some things don’t change no matter how much time passes. We may use different materials to decorate ourselves, but the essence is the same, expressing ourselves. It’s a way of saying who I am, without actually having to say anything at all.

Dilek Sezen, Founder of DEZEN

Circular Economy & Circular Design

DEZEN wants to change the way the world wears fashion accessories. 

They merge circularity and gender-neutral style to create innovative, technology-inspired pieces that can be worn for years to come.

What is Circular Fashion?

Circular economy is “a model for an economy that is regenerative by design.”

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

From materials to production to end of life, DEZEN embraces circular design.

Their products are designed in such a way that at the end of their life, DEZEN can separate the pieces into their various parts and then transform them into brand new products – giving them a second life (and saving them from our landfills!)

“Fashion is primarily produced in a linear system of “take, make, dispose”, with 73% of the world’s clothing eventually ending in landfills… Unless the whole fashion industry acts now, the linear model will soon reach its physical limits. This is why current practices are putting both the industry and the planet in jeopardy, and why the pace of transformation to a circular fashion system must accelerate rapidly.”

Boston Consulting Group

Revolutionizing How We Use Resources 

Unlike conventional brands they don’t do seasonal collections, and they don’t do sales. This is because they’re a zero waste brand that produces their products locally, and don’t rely on overseas suppliers.

They produce only the quantity of jewelry needed – which means there is no overstock inventory to put on sale.

It also means that they’re able to offer a fair price to the consumer, but ALSO fair wages to the people who make their products and the retailers that sell them. Win win win. 

DEZEN Products

DEZEN knows that doing good is looking good. To make their earrings and necklaces they use cutting edge technology paired with renewable and recyclable materials like plant-based resin and sustainably sourced metals.  

Hoop Earrings

The earrings, and specifically hoop earrings, have been around since 2500 BC. Here’s some fun facts:

  • Early doctors believed that earrings cured headaches and improved eyesight
  • In Egypt around 1500 BCE, both women, men and the most sacred animal cats wore hoops
  • The oldest earrings discovered belong to a Sumerian woman who lived in Mesopotamia 2500 BC
  • Hoop earrings became synonymous with female empowerment during the ‘60s and ‘70s. They became a symbol for strength, resistance, and unity among communities of color!

DEZEN’s hoop earrings come in a variety of colors and are made from plant based resin, a renewable and biodegradable material that is finished with gold plated metal.

By reinventing a timeless classic, DEZEN ensures that their products aren’t just a passing trend – but instead a wardrobe essential.


Every DEZEN product is shipped in 100% recyclable, zero plastic, Fair Trade Certified Packaging. They offset their shipping carbon footprint, and keep production local to the USA to further reduce shipping impacts.

Sustainability Commitments

1% for the Planet

As a fellow member of 1% for the Planet, DEZEN donates 1% from each of their sales to non-profits making the world a cleaner, greener place.

When you shop with 1% for the Planet members, you’re helping to build and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.

Low Carbon Company

Not only does DEZEN offset the carbon emissions of shipping their products, but they track and measure the carbon footprint of every product – so you can have all the information you need to make your decision. 

For example, their Signature Hoop Earring has a total carbon footprint of .13kg CO2. 

They also use a wind-powered host for the DEZEN website to reduce energy usage.

Knowledge is power. By passing along information on the carbon footprint of their products, while also being an intentionally low carbon company, they’re creating meaningful positive impact.

Karma Wallet and DEZEN

Fashion is the world’s second largest polluter – right after the oil and gas industries.

DEZEN creates smart solutions to pioneer a new fashion system that prioritizes people and planet.

From responsible sourcing and eco-friendly production to renewable energy integration and community engagement, the company demonstrates a commitment to a greener future. 

As consumers, we hold the power to support businesses like DEZEN that prioritize sustainability and drive positive change in the world. 

We’re proud to announce that Dezen has joined the Karma Collective – a network of sustainable brands dedicated to rewarding customers like you for making mindful shopping decisions. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the Karma Wallet card and our app, which will provide you with even more opportunities to shop sustainably and earn cashback.